Date information lost with "Disc Detector"



I have a bit of a "complex" problem but in a nutshell, it
appears that when using/enabling XP Disc Detector to add
files to a RW disc, the newly written files on CD will all
have the date of burning in the Created/modified fields.
This is very annoying because I use these dates a lot to
check on WHEN the original file was created.

The complexity:

I'm running Veritas/HP Now(vs.3)/Stomp burning software on XP.
I have DLA enabled and a new fully formatted RW disc in the
burner. I can D&D or C&P any item I want, to the disc. But
the date created and the date accessed ALWAYS change on all
the files or folders or files in folders -to the time of

I can take the same disc and put it into another computer
running Direct CD ........... read the files and add more
files (in this software) with no problem. Direct CD will
always retain the origin date on all the copies. (But, of
course, my Direct CD won't run on Windows XP).

I can then put the cd back into the XP machine and read the
added Direct CD files and add more files with Stomp.

The two programs seem to be perfectly compatible in the
"DLA" mode except for the fact that in XP, the dates are
always changed to the time of burning.

BEFORE I installed Stomp, I briefly used XP's burning
software and it TOO changed the dates to the time of
ASSEMBLING files to the hard drive (waiting to be burned.
The XP burn program has to assemble files to the hard drive
first and then transfer them all to the disc in one
terrifying shot).

I assume this program is called "Disc Detector".

I thought the dating problem might be caused by Disc
Detector so I disabled it in the Control panel.

After that, the computer would hang up immediately when I
clicked on the burner drive containing the RW disc. It
couldn't even be shut off.

It seems then, that Disc Detector MUST be enabled in order
to burn or access discs at all.

I've searched everywhere for other commentary on the dating
problem but haven't found a single comment on it.

My friend is running Stomp on Windows 98 and tells me he
has NO problem with date changes on copied files.

Anyone have any ideas?



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