Date field not stay in same format



I have a Due Date field in my form. I noticed the date not stay in the
format I want dd/mm/yyyy. it keep change back to mm/dd/yyyy when user enter
22/03/2008 ==> 03/22/2008. How do I make the date stay as dd/mm/yyyy. As
long as the day is below 12, then the format stay as 12/03/2008 (dd/mm/yyyy).

Any help to correct this problem is appreciated.




Allen Browne

Access displays dates in the format you specified for your regional
settings. Go to Regional Options in the Windows Control Panel to define your
date format.

For details, see:
International Date Formats in Access

If you have entered the dates thinking one thing, but Access interpreted
them as something different, you may need to go back and correct these

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