DataAdapter Wizard Issues...




I'm trying to configure a data adapter for an OLE DB
connection to an Oracle database. The tables in the
database are defined with proper primary/foreign key
constraints etc. Two DataAdapter configuration wizard

1) The "Choose a Query Type" dialog only has the "Use SQL
Statements" option available; the generate and use
existing stored procedures options are grayed out. What
gives? I have to make adapters for 75+ tables and it
would be reeeaaalllyy nice to click "create procedure"
and "use existing procedure" buttons. Any idea what's
preventing these options from being enabled?

2) The "Advanced SQL Generation" dialog of the DataAdapter
Wizard has an option to "Refresh the dataset" after
updates. I need to set this option but it is grayed out.
The help text says that this option should be available
when I have "Generate Insert, Update and Delete Commands"
checked {yes that option is checked}. What might prevent
this option from being available?

For both questions: if I can't get the wizard to make the
option available can somebody show me what code gets
generated so that I can manually add it?



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