Data Binding



Hi All,

Need help with the following (VS 2005 Beta 2, .NET 2.0):

I am using the new Data Sources window to drag and drop fields from a
parameterized stored procedure (Proc1) onto a Windows form. For some
controls, like City, Country, and Currency, (which present lists), the data
is presented in dropdown comboes which are bound to other stored procedures
(Proc2, Proc3, Proc4). All works great except for the following situation:

When I Load a customer (bound to Proc1), my table only holds the
CountryCode for that customer. What I want to do is automatically position
myself to that specific Country in the Country combobox (bound to Proc2). Is
there any way to do this automatically? If not, what is the best
programmatic approach?


Giovanni P.


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