Damaged Maxtor HDD - continued


Piotr ne


as I wrote a few ago, my 17 months old Maxtor D540X-4K 60GB suddenly
refused to work - simply stopped and even is not recognized by BIOS.
I have bought an indentical HDD (with some bad sectors) on an auction
in order to try to replace the electronics. Unfortunately there are some
problem with the seller. A few days after getting my money, he apparently
begun to search for a disk for me, because he simply sold something
he did not have :(

So, I have installed the disk again to check what happens. This time the
begun to spin, first with a normal speed (as far as I could it hear) and
2-3 second slower. At the same time the heads could be heard like
beeing parked time after time. And somethig like plastic could be smelled,
so I have turned off the drive. There is a small melted hole in the plastic
cover covering the electronics and two transistors (?) appear to be
completely burned: http://tinyurl.com/g3ol
Can it be only "electronical" damage?

There is another disk to buy on a auction. The seller explains, that
the electronics is fully functional, but the disk can not be formatted
(partitions may be defined). Is it possible?



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