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open a adobe file from a command button

I have 3 tables, Vendor,Departments, & Person. I have a 1 to many
relationship between Vendor and Departments, and a 1 to many relationship
between Departments & Person. I used the wizard to create a form to input
data. ‘Vendor Name’ in the vendor table is a text field, I changed it on the
form to a combo box. My thinking is that when I change from one vendor to
another the records in both the departments & people table change, but it
doesn’t. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?





Your combo box is bound to a field in a record. When you change it your are
changing the stored value.
You need the combo separate to be criteria for the query feeding the form.
Then you need an AfterUpdate event to refresh the query when you want to see
a different vendor.

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