Cropped 800x600 resolution...



I've just installed a new video card and everything works
fine, except that displaying in 800x600 causes a
distracting cutoff in the screen. That is, the resolution
displays beyond the monitor's boundaries and hence the
left and right sides of the screen are cropped.

The video card software does not appear to have an option
to contract the screen, only to shift the screen in its
current size.

I have tried to adjust the display using the monitor's
buttons, but in 800x600 the horizontal adjustment is
automatically minimized (hence I can't contract the

All other resolutions work fine, but I prefer 800x600 for
some applications (eg. games) and it is inconvenient when
the user interface is beyond view.

Note that this had occurred with my previous card, except
the problem had somehow disappeared; so there must be a
way to remedy this.




Hi Billy,

Follow these steps if you want to switch the display temporarily while the
game or program is running.

On your desktop or on the Start menu, right-click the game or other program
that you want to run in 256 colors, and then click Properties. Click the
Compatibility tab. Select the Run in 256 colors check box.

Run in 640x480 screen resolution check box. Your screen resolution will
revert to its previous resolution when you close the program.

The Compatibility tab is available only for programs or games located on
your computer's hard disk. It is not available if the program is stored on a
floppy disk, compact disk, or a network.

Switch Display:

Start/Programs/Game in Question/Properties/Compatibility Tab/Select 256 or

Added info:

Try looking through some of the settings listed here:

Here are some examples:

1. Navigate to:

2. Find 'DefaultSettings.XResolution'. That is your y axis. Edit as a
Decimal to what you want it to be. IE 800.

2. Find 'DefaultSettings.YResolution'. That is your x axis. Edit as a
decimal to what you want it to be. IE 600.

3. Restart, and your done.


DefaultSettings.XResolution 320 for 800 horizontal
DefaultSettings.YResolution 258 for 600 vertical

Ross Durie

Experiment with changing refresh rate, Display/Settings Tab/Advanced/Monitor


I tried changing the refresh rate, which effectively
remedies the problem (in menu screens), but then produces
an even larger cutoff display elsewhere (during gameplay).





I have tried checking the options in the icons, but
although the screen changes resolution when it's loading,
once it's running, it reverts back to the cutoff

I am unsure where the manual adjustments you refer to are

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