Creating stationery with header/footer on first page but blaank pages thereafter....Word 2007


Dr. Geoff Smith

Is there a way to create stationery so that the first page, and only
the first page, has a header and footer on it. All subsequent pages
should be blank.

I can create the first page with the header and footer, but when I am
typing a letter on it (opened as a new document) as soon as I get to a
point just above the footer, a new page opens with the header and
footer on it. The header and footer from the first page have
disappeared. It makes no difference if I check the "Different first
page" box, either.

This is Word 2007.

Thanks for any constructive help.



Dr. Geoff Smith

Thanks Bob:

Unfortunately that information applies, mainly, to Word versions
earlier than 2007. I have looked at the information, but it does not

I know this is a very simple task for an MVP...but it's a nightmare
for this newbie.

Geoff Smith


I would try putting in a section break for next page, on page 2 edit your
header and on the contextual tab make sure your link to previous header is
disabled, this will allow you to delete the header on page two and keep your
header on page one.

Hope this helps and Good Luck

Graham Mayor

It is only the dialogs that differ in the earlier versions. The procedures
involved are the same.
In Word 2007, if you insert a header, you can set a different first page
option from the design tab which then opens as a consequence of being in the
header view.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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Doug Robbins - Word MVP

Sorry, but that is NOT the way to do it. Just think about what would happen
if some more text were added to the first page so that you new section then
started on the third page rather than the second page.

There is a Different First Page setting under the Layout tab of the Page
Setup dialog that should be checked if you want a different heading on the
first page.

Hope this helps.

Please reply to the newsgroup unless you wish to avail yourself of my
services on a paid consulting basis.

Doug Robbins - Word MVP


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