Create a printjob (but real slow)




I have a shared printer connected (e.g. a HP LaserJet 4 on \\server\hplj4
redirected to port LPT2:) and an application that creates a printjob but
takes a mighty long time to create over a WAN link due to a simple dial-up

How can I change the time-out settings for this printer to infinite time?
The printjob may only be printed when really finished (End Document

I tried changing the settings of the port and job time-out to 999 seconds,
print after last page is spooled and so on, but after 30 seconds the
printjob is aborted (only the spooled pages are printed). From DOS 6.2
there's no problem however, so it doesn't have to do anything with the
printer settings.

Please help... Any programming tips in VB or C++ are welcome too.



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