CountIf previous cell formula

Jul 14, 2012
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I'm trying to make a formula that counts cells that meet a certain criteria if the previous cell in the row also meets a criteria.

I started with the COUNTIF formula
=COUNTIF(B8:AF8,"T"), which counts the values in a row, but now I only want to count the cells with "T" where the previous cell in the row equals "O"

I worked out that the OFFSET formula works in order to reference the previous cell i.e.

I was think of combining the two with an AND command i.e.
but it doesn't work.

I could run a nested IF command
=IF(B8="T",IF(A8="O",0,1),"") for each cell
and then SUM up the cells, but I would need to have hidden rows or a hidden sheet to do the calculation, hence I'd like to us a formula in the single cell

I hope I've explained it clearly enough and that one of you knows a away to do what I'm trying to achieve.
]Thanks in advance


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