corrupted excel files



I have a user that has recently begun getting errors when open excel files.
These errors say that the spreadsheet is corrupted but Excel can auto repair.
It then says that there were too many errors to correct and it cannot repair.

This problem seems to have begun occuring after the installation of KB936507

It also occurs both on files that were created in Office XP and now used on
this computer with office 2003. (She has been using this file for several
years with no problem until now.

If I try to open the file up on my computer in Office 2007 it also gives me
the same corrupted error message. If I try to open a fresh copy of the file
there is no error on my computer but there is on hers.

The problem also occurs on files that she has created on her computer and
has been using as templates by opening and then using the save as function to
rename it with the current data.

I can see some of the cells have seemingly random error messages like
adjacant cells contain errorounous data etc.

The files open in open office with no error message.

Could this update be causing this problem and how do we work around it. Is
there any way to repair these files and ensure their integrity?



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