Corrupt gdi32.dll after installing KB912919



I'm running Windows XP Pro with the latest updates installed. Last
week, Windows Update installed a couple of updates, after which the
machine went into an infinite loop of repeated booting. I rebooted
again, disabling the auto reboot on system error setting, so that I
could examine the error message. I get a STOP: c0000221 {Bad Image
Checksum} error on gdi32.dll. The size of this file is 280064, and
it's dated 12/28/2005.

If I use recovery console to uninstall KB912919, I get the old
gdi32.dll back (same size, dated 10/05/2005), and everything works
again. Windows still wants to reinstall KB912919, and if I let it, I
get the stop error again.

Anyway, it appears that either KB912919 contains a corrupted version of
gdi32.dll, or the copy that Windows is trying to install for me went
through some kind of changes during download. I can't be the only one
experiencing this problem. Any advice? Thanks.





I've had the same problem with XP Home. I looked at the file system
with Knoppix and found that gdi32.dll (with the size and date as given
in the quoted message below) was full of null bytes. I was able to copy
in the previous version of gdi32.dll (using captive-ntfs to get write
permission to the drive) and then reboot, and then disallow KB912919
when the automatic updates wanted to reinstall.

This problem only occurred on our PC. Our notebook downloaded the same
update but the new gdi32.dll there is a valid DLL and there have been
no problems.

Anyone know why this happened?


Randy M. Prescott

It's happened on one of my pc's that is running Windows XP Pro also. All
other pc's (including one running Pro, Home, and Media Center) took the
update fine. Any official word from Microsoft yet on how to get this update
corrected on the seemingly rare pc's that are having trouble?



Jun 26, 2006
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ok here is the you all know the computer can be some peoples life and carreer. As is the case with me. I have a sony vaio. I did a system restore and when it booted up again it went into a repetitive rebooting stage. I can not log on to the computer nor can i download another gdi32.dll driver. It would be the biggest help if some one could help me..
I have windows xp on it.
thx in advance

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