Copy ACL from a BDC to a Memberservers

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Aljoscha Thelen


we have te following Problem:
We plan to replace a DC (NT 4.0) with a new Hardware, wich could only run
under W2k or higher. So we can´t replace a DC with a new DC under W2k or we
have to introduce a ADS. So we have to install a member-server
Our Right Management is like MS told everyone : User > Global groups > lokal
Groups > Resources
The Problem is to copy the Rights on NTFS.
One Solution is to extract the acls with cacls into a script, rename the
Domainnmae with another script into another script an rewrite the acls with
calcs on the new server.
With 600 GB it takes a long time to change all acls with three steps.
Is there another way with a third-Party tool to do this in one way an a
shorter period of time?

Thank you for your help.

Aljoscha Thelen


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