converting saved oe messages to windows mail


Puppy Breath

It only does that auto-import thing when you do an upgrade over XP. At
least, that's the way it's supposed to work.

If you still have XP and OE, go into XP and OE, click the folder that has
the saved messages. Select all its message headers and drag them out to a
regular document folder. Each message will be a .eml file.

Then go into Vista, open Windows Mail, create an equivalent folder, click
that folder. Then open the folder where you put all those .eml files and
drag them into the Message List in Windows Mail.

If you search this newsgroup for "import outlook express" or something,
you'll see other discussions of this.




in windows mail I attempt to import all my old messages. after locating the
folder that holds these messages the windows mail does not see any messages
in that folder. the help section shows that all this should have happened
automatically. what's the problem?

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