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LN Mike

Please provide direction to control a flash game through 2008 or 2010.

I have not started coding, and need direction.
I want to see if I can code a script to move my character around on an
online flash game. Basically send keystrokes to the game, but in order to
contain the game, I think I will have to use the web control, as the
game fills the whole screen and "takes control" of the computer. For example
Ultima Online, Wizards101 and World of Warcraft.



Jie Wang [MSFT]


You don't need the WebBrowser control to host a Flash file in your Windows
Forms application.

The Flash Player itself is an ActiveX control which you can directly put on
your Form.

The Steps:

1. Create a new VB.NET Windows Forms Application.
2. Right click on the Toolbox and choose Add Tab, name the new Tab as
"ActiveX Controls" or whatever you like
3. Right click on the newly added tab "ActiveX Controls" and select "Choose
4. In the Choose Toolbox Items dialog, select COM Components Tab and find
"Shockwave Flash Object", select it and press OK.
5. Drag & Drop a Shockwave Flash Object control onto your Form.
6. Set the Flash controls's Dock property to Fill.
7. Set the Flash controls's Movie property to the SWF file's path.
8. Set the Form's FormBorderStyle property to None.
9. Set the Form's TopMost property to True.
10. Set the Form's WindowState to Maximized.
11. Set the Project's Target CPU to x86 (because Flash ActiveX control only
has an x86 version).

Run the project, you'll get a topmost full screen form filled by the Flash

That's the work need to be done on the VB.NET side.

Regarding the "code a script to move my character around on an online flash
game" part, I believe that belongs to the Flash development area, you can
try find help from the Flash developers communities.


Jie Wang

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