Contact Activities Linked to Old Email Address


Jeff Dodson

In an old thread here in google groups, January 31, 2003, someone
pointed out that the Activities tab for an outlook contact as far as
email is concerned is linked via the email address, NOT the contact
name. So, over time, as people change email address, and they
certainly do, when you update the email address in the contact
information, ALL of the activities (email) associated with that email
address will never again be linked to that contact.

This is a serious flaw in Outlook (I am using 2003).

A temporary work around is to move the outdated and no longer valid
email address to the E-mail 2 position, then E-mail 3, as email
addresses change for a contact. Problem is, what happens when the
email address changes a 3rd time? What happens is you just lost a
portion of your Activities for that contact.

So here we are almost 4 years after this was mentioned for someone
using Outlook 2000, 2 versions of Outlook later, is there a workable

Seems relatively elementary. Seems the simple solution would be a old
email address field. When you change an email address for a contact,
you should be given the option to move the old email address to this
field where it remains forever unless you delete it

I hope someone can tell me there is a solution in place, anyone?


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