Connecting to XP shared printer from Vista Home Premium laptop



I am helping a friend with his computers at home. He has an old Windows98
machine, an XP Home machine and a recently purchased Toshiba laptop running
Vista Home Premium.

He wants to get the data off his Win98 PC onto the laptop before retiring it
and he wants to be able to print from the laptop to the Canon Pixma printer
(ip3000?) attached to the XP Home PC.

I have configured File and Printer sharing on all three machines.
I have configured an identical account on all three PC's.
I have confirmed that all three have the same Workgroup name.

The XP PC and the Win98 PC are directly connected to a DLink wired/wireless
The Vista PC is connected wirelessly through the same DLink router.
All machines have full, unencumbered Internet access.

I have downloaded and installed the additional network drivers (LLTD) that
the Microsoft Knowledgebase article (see below) said I would need to install
on the XP machine before it would see and be seen by the Vista PC.
[ - This problem occurs if the
Link-Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) Responder component is not installed on
the Windows XP-based computer...]

The Windows XP machine can see the Win98 and the Vista PC but cannot connect
to the Vista PC (shared folder).
The Win98 PC can see and connect to the XP machine/shares and printer
The Vista PC can see the XP PC when I manually browse in the Vista
equivalent of Network neighbourhood but I cannot see or directly connect to
the shared printer.

Any suggestions on where I go next to get the Vista PC to see/connect to the
printer? and/or XP based file shares?

Thank you.




Forgot to mention...

The only way that I can see the desktop computer running xp on the network
is to click on "View full map".....
Unfortunately, when I do, nothing happens.....
network is set to private
network discovery is on,
file sharing is on, basically sharing and
discovery is on....

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