Computer reboots with 2GB DDRam



I recently built a new PC, using ASUS maotherboard
(P4C800 Deluxe) with a P4 3.2GHz processor.
ASUS recommends certain models of DDRAM that work with
this specific motherboard, but when I first bought it,
the store gave me 4 sticks of no-name 512MBs. Using them
all, my system was unstable, so I took 2 of the sticks
out, at which time everything was Ok.

I returned the no-name sticks, and ordered 4 sticks by
Kingston (KVR400X64C3A/512), the ones recommended by
ASUS. Putting them in the PC, I ran mem tests and even an
all out benchmark, which were all Passed with no problem.
However, the PC would reboot every couple of hours (even
when no other programs were running).

I was told that WinXP Pro, which I am using, might have
problems with Ram over 1GB. Is that the case? Is it more
possible that this is a faulty Motherboard?

Thanks for all assistance :)



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