Component recommendations


Who cares

I'm planning to purchase a Plextor 12X ( PX-712A/SW) DVD burner. Does any
one have any negative experiences with the above? I heard Plextor makes
excellent burners.

In addition, I would like some suggestions on a "kick-ass" video card
(reasonable price, of course) for 2D (applications), 3D (video games),
capturing video from TV as well as from a camcorder for later burning on
DVD. If there is none to do the above, I would consider purchasing two
cards, one for capturing video and one for day to day usage. Please help me
on this one.

I will be assembling Pentium IV (3.X) system, hopefully, before the end of
the month or at the outset of next month. I haven't decided on a
motherboard yet. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.



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