Complex Form-Query



hi everyone !

First let me tell you that it's great to find this kind of forum for an
access-newbie like me
Unfortunately, I am a newbie but I must build a complex form - query for my
thesis and i don't really know how to eventhough i've made some research
already... maybe you guys will be able to tell me where to search

If you have 5min, I'll tell you about my DB :
i'm working on retail and it's localisation on steets. So I have 4 tables :
Street, Street names, Postal code, Street side (one street has many street
side). In this street side table i have 3 important field as well : Maximum
Adress of the street side, Minimum Adress of the street side and parity of
the street side (odd number or even number). And I will build another table
for the retail store, linked to the street side by an address number.

So my goal is to make a form wich allows me to fill in the information. In
this form i will have to :
1. Choose a street from the table "street" (type the beginning of the name
in a text box and chose the right street from a list box -> that i can do )
2. Use the chosen street and type an address number : i need to type an
address (say 63), and the query has to find then the right interval of
address in function of the parity and the interval and therefore find the
right Street Side code of the chosen street. (that i have no idea how to do)
3. a subform should appear then, this subform should be the retail store
table and should have already the field "Street side code" filled in thanks
to the query and i would only need to type in the name of the store and its
type. (i have no idea how to do this either...)

now i'm not asking you to do the job for me of course.. (but if you want ) I
would like to know if you could tell me where to start, where to look, ...

Thank you very much to you all !!!


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