Comments on Merge Replication/RDA



Hi all,

I am currently developing a data collection system using VB6/MS SQL 2000 as
frontend and VB .Net CF/MS SQL CE as backend for handheld devices.

User will use the handheld to collect data and at the end of the day, will
sync the data to SQL server. The collected data will then be deleted from
handheld (to preserve memory). Basically, user has the option to perform
following task from DESKTOP:
1)download data (from handheld to desktop)
2)upload selected data (from desktop to handheld)
4)Sync selected data (uses different tables from (1) and (2))
3)delete data in handheld

Though not mention in SQLCE Online Books, many gurus confirmed that SQL CE
does not support multiple subsribers in handheld. So, my initial plan to
have 3 different publication for 3 different purpose (download, upload, sync
data) failed.

The only option for me now is either RDA or merge replication or maybe
combining both methods.

Here is my plan.
1) for download process, i use a merge replication with the ExchangeType =
2) for upload data, i use RDA where i have additional table for each table
affected. Say, if i have a Customer table i will create another table call
SyncCustomer. So, records selected from Customer table will be dumped into
SyncCustomer before calling RDA process to PULL data to SQL CE.
3) for sync data, i use RDA where the concept will be the same as (2)

Is this the best method or is there anything else i miss here??

I welcome any comments and suggestions.


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