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This should be very simple but I cannot seem to get it to work. I have a
form that has 2 combo boxes. The first one is the supervisor and the second
is the specialist. I want the specialists to change when the supervisor is
changed. I have read and re-read the postings that say to do a Me.Requery in
the After Update event of the driving combo box (In this case - Supervisor).
The supervisor combo box is driven by a query and the specialist combo box is
driven by code on the Row Source. Since I am using both combo box values to
feed other queries, I have moved each to textboxes.
Supervisor is ComboBox 17 and the value goes to textbox 37
Specialist is ComboBox and the value goes to textbox 52

Everything works fine on the first supervisor chosen and I can change the
specialist all day long with no problem. But when I chose a different
supervisor, the specialist values do not update. Why? Ideas?




Rather than using Me.Requery (which requeries the record source
of the form itself), you need to explicitly requery the secondary
combo box in the After Update event of the primary combo box.
For example;

Pivate Sub cboSupervisor_AfterUpdate ()


End Sub

I took the liberty of using more appropriate names for your combo
boxes, something I would recommend you do. If you revisit your
database/code months or years from now, names like ComboBox 17
and TextBox 37 will tell you nothing about the purpose of those



Jeff Boyce

How depends on what -- what data underlies these comboboxes?

What do your queries look like that feed these comboboxes?

What code do you have in the Supervisor_AfterUpdate event procedure?

More info, please...


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP

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