Combine 2 Codes into 1 Code to do the lot?



I am trying to have a macro to send a range on 1 sheet as a PDF attachment
via vba.

I have 1 code that uses pdf factory to create the pdf, and another that uses
a free pdfcreator.

Both seem to require some user inputs still as follows:
The 2nd code will add the To and Cc email addresses and subject line etc,
but does not Save the pdf name with VBA.

.. Naming of the pdf
.. Save pdf file path
.. Delete pdf afterwards (optional)
I am trying to achieve these user options to be done by the VBA, is it
Codes below:
Sub PrinttaPDF_Late()
'Macro Purpose: Print to PDF file using PDFCreator
' (Download from
' Designed for late bind, no references req'd

Dim pdfjob As Object
Dim sPDFName As String
Dim sPDFPath As String

Set pdfjob = CreateObject("PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator")
sPDFName = "testPDF.pdf" ' <== Doesa not call the pdf this !!!
sPDFPath = ActiveWorkbook.Path & Application.PathSeparator ' <=== Cannot
seem to modify this to my server folder required

With pdfjob
If .cStart("/NoProcessingAtStartup") = False Then
MsgBox "Can't initialize PDFCreator.", vbCritical + vbOKOnly,
Exit Sub
End If
.cOption("UseAutosave") = 1
.cOption("UseAutosaveDirectory") = 1
.cOption("AutosaveDirectory") = sPDFPath
.cOption("AutosaveFilename") = sPDFName
.cOption("AutosaveFormat") = 0 ' 0 = PDF
End With

'Print the document to PDF
ActiveSheet.PrintOut copies:=1, ActivePrinter:="PDFCreator"

'Wait until the print job has entered the print queue
Do Until pdfjob.cCountOfPrintjobs = 1
pdfjob.cPrinterStop = False

'Wait until the PDF file shows up then release the objects
Do Until Dir(sPDFPath & sPDFName) <> ""
pdfjob.cClose ' <=== Does not close and send attachment via code ??
Set pdfjob = Nothing
End Sub

Sub Sendpdf()
Dim OutApp As Object
Dim OutMail As Object
With Application
.ScreenUpdating = False
.EnableEvents = False
End With
Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(0)
With OutMail
.To = Sheet1.Range("B13").Value
.CC = Sheet1.Range("B15").Value
.BCC = ""
.Subject = Sheet1.Range("B63").Value
.Body = Sheet1.Range("B65").Value
If Not FileExists("\\SERVER\\Sheets\Pdf's\" &
Range("G5").Value & ".pdf") Then
MsgBox "The pdf file doesn't exist! " & "Please check
the pdf File Name you just saved" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "It MUST be saved as
" & Sheet1.Range("G5").Value & " ONLY!", vbCritical, "...."
Exit Sub
.Attachments.Add ("\\SERVER\Server\Sheets\Pdf's\" &
Range("G5").Value & ".pdf")
End If
End With
On Error GoTo 0

Set OutMail = Nothing
Set OutApp = Nothing
With Application
.ScreenUpdating = True
.EnableEvents = True
End With
Sheet1.Range("B64").Value = Time & Date
Sheets("Information").Range("B64").Value =
Format(Sheets("Information").Range("B64").Value, "hh:mmAM/PM dddd dd mmmm
End Sub



Bob Bridges

Are you asking whether a VBA can generate a file name, save a file to that
name and delete a file, sure. But if you can write the below code then you
surely already understood that and much more, so you must be asking something
different. Can you rephrase the question to make it clearer?




The SendPDF code basically does what I need it to do, but the User MUST save
the PDF as a Sheet1 Cell Value.
If they do not then it does not send the PDF.

I do have prompt, but you all know what users are like, they seem to find a
loop in something it stuff it up some how.

So in the Send PDF code I wanted to add a AUTO Save PDF name, as a minimum.


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