Color of folders in registry is grey...not yellow.

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After been infected by a worm/trojan I ran "Malwarebytes" to get rid of
the pest. That seemed to do it's more redirects to commerce-sites
afterwards. I even ran "Aschampoo AntispyWare 2" also, as I vr read people
advice you to since diff abtimalware do the job differently.... Well, here's
my point 4 now: When I ran/run "regedit.exe" I nowadays see the foldders in
appwindow in GREY!!!! instead of yellow, as is the default color of them and
is also what I used to see before infection. I can open all keys as normal,
expand them, read their values etc.etc.... Is the grey color of everu folder
something to worry about you think, as it seems like all functions still are
there..?? My personal beliefe is that my registry is somehoe corrupt since
pest and needs some caretaking.... You agrre? If so; WHAT/HOW shall I do? Thx
my friends for being snesitive kind...!


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