CodeDOM question



Hi all !

I've got a simple CodeDOM question.

I've defined the following types:

[ClsCompliant (true)]
enum CustomValues {

and MyCustomAttribute, which is CLSCompliant too and has
some property, some of which are of primitive type and
some of cutom types, like for example the CustomValues

I need to generate the following code:

[MyCustomAttribute ("ConstructionString", Name="xx",
public class MyClass {

My problem is how to generate the attribute.
More precisely, i do not know
1. how to generate the attribute arguments if they are of
custom types.
2. how to pass an argument to the attribute constructor

I've done something like this:

// once for each argument i want to pass
CodeAttributeArgument attrArg = new CodeAttributeArgument
attrArg.Name = <i put here my attribute property's name>
attrArg.Value = <what expression do i put here?> }

// finally
CodeAttributeArgument[] attrs = new CodeAttributeArgument
[<# of arguments>];
CodeAttributeDeclaration attrDecl = new
CodeAttributeDeclaration (

// Add the clas
CodeTypeDeclaration classDeclaration = new
CodeTypeDeclaration ("MyClass");
classDeclaration.BaseTypes.Add (typeof (Object));
classDeclaration.IsClass = true;
classDeclaration.TypeAttributes = TypeAttributes.Public;
classDeclaration.CustomAttributes.Add (attrDecl);

Do you have any suggestion ?

Thanks a lot in advance.




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