Co-existing RIS and SMS images




I have a question regarding the possibilities for two image environments to

Today, we are running RIS, and RIPrep when deploying my new Windows XP
clients, but we are in the process of upgrading and we would like to instead
use our SMS 2003 server for image deployment.

My question is:
Can I set up my system so that I, in the OSC menus, have the possibility to
choose one of the old RIPrep images and at the same time have the chance to
choose a Windows PE image so that I can roll-out an SMS image? Meaning, in
the OSC menus, I would like to have all of my exising RIPrep images, PLUS a
Windows PE image, only used for deployment of SMS images.

I cannot see why this should not be possible, but I might have missed a
detail while browsing all the information I have found. I know that in a
clean BDD environment the OSC menus are modified so that the user will not
even be prompted to choose an image. But in my case I would like to keep this
option open.

I hope I managed to explain what I wish to achieve. I would be most grateful
for an answer.

Best regards,



Johan Arwidmark

Yes, you can add the OSD Installation CD (WinPE) to RIS. That is
actually the recommended approach :)


Johan Arwidmark
Microsoft MVP - Setup/Deployment

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