cmak dll and WM_PAINT



I have a cmak (connection manager administration kit) dll. Two of it's
functions are called when you do Start > Connect To > [the name of the
connection]. (custom pre-connect actions) Is it possible to receive windows
messages in a dll? I've tried creating a VS2005 Win32 Console Application,
opting for a Windows Application, and then just took the code from the main
cpp file and entered into the main dll file. But CreateWindow(...); returns
an invalid handle indicating that it was not succesful in creating the
window. I got the dll project from

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Samples\NetDS\Ras\ConnectionManager

It's a converted VS6.0 project. (.dsw) All windows message recieving
examples I've seen are .exe projects. They say in the help file of cmak that
you should implement WM_PAINT in your dll if your pre-connect actions takes a
lot of time, which it does. This is a windows message so I thought what they
meant was that you have to trap this message. But to do that you need a
window (visible or invisible) right?


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