CM Storm Pitch Gaming Earphone


Mar 25, 2003
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Kit Guru have reviewed the CM Storm Pitch Gaming Earphones, and here's an excerpt from their conclusion:

"Many in-ear earphones will cause discomfort or irritation if used for a long period of time, but the CM Storm Pitch remained relatively comfortable over several hours. They were certainly better than many off-the-shelf designs we have used before.

The sound quality of the CM Storm Pitch was close to excellent. The 10 mm drivers are able to reproduce most frequencies with a crisp and precise tone and a tight focused bass response. This made listening to our classical repertoire very enjoyable as the sound errs on the warm side of neutral.

When we moved to a gaming environment, first playing F1 2011 – we still felt like the earphones delivered and we were fully immersed in the sound of the naturally aspirated V8′s. Moving to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the earphones delivered very capable sound staging which allowed us to tell precisely where specific audio was originating from. Gun shots sounded realistic and other ambient sound effects had plenty of impact."


Read more at Kit Guru


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