Cloning to a new system



We have a 2 servers. Server1 has Win2000, all of the
apps and data, and is running Raid-5. The other,
Server2, is a brand new server that has Raid-1 and Raid
5. Our goal is to move the Server1 programs, data and OS
to Server2, and then move another machine's programs,
data and OS to Server1, and so on. So the resulting
machines will have the same names, security, etc as the
cloned machine, and the cloned machine will be taken off
the network until it is configured with another machine's
drive data.

We have been at this for weeks trying various methods.
We have been trying to use SysPrep with Ghost, and after
loading the image on Server2, we have always gotten the
blue screen - Inaccessible Boot Device. The two machines
both have the same RAID controllers, so we didn't think
we would have a problem there - but other moves we will
be making with other machines will be with other RAID
controllers and hardware config - this initial run is
just a test to see if we can make it work.

1. Is this possible? 2. Are there better tools to
use? I ran across a tool called TrueImage Server by
Acronis which seems to do what we want, but have invested
a lot of time using Ghost, and don't want to abandon it
and start something new unless we have a little more
guidance. 3. Also saw a post that SysPart might be the
way to go, but don't see how it might work in our case.

Thanks - Ed


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