ClickOnce and permission elevation



I cannot get permission elevation to work in ClickOnce.
Immediately when I include more permissions in the application
manifest than the zone allows by default I get an 'The application has
been blocked because it poses a high security risk to your computer'
message and I cannot install the application. Even though I'm
administrator on the machine..

How can I make this work. I assume there shall be a question to the
user if the application shall be given more rights than what's common
for the zone?

Does the application need to be signed with a certificate to verify
the publisher in order to display the elevation dialoge? (a small note
on this on

How can I for test purposes sign the deployment manifest with a
certificate? (if its needed)
I've followed the steps on and used mageui to
sign the manifest.
When I've done this nothing at all happens when I double click the
..application file!?!?.
I haven't worked much with certificates so I might have missed some

All tips highly appreciated, I've run out of mine


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