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My company has a Barracuda Spam Filter built into our email system.
Occasionally it sends emails to users letting them see their quarantined
items. Each email has a link that links back to the Barracuda web interface.
Every email we get shows the following message and subsequently disables the
links within the email.

"Click here to turn on links. To help protect your security, links are
turned off in this message."

I know there is a way to turn this phishing feature completely off. I
however would prefer it was left on. Is there a way to keep it on, but turn
it off for the specific email address the barracuda sends them from?
I have tried adding the domain name and the email address to the safe sender
list. I also added it to the safe recipients list, just for fun. Neither
seem to affect the emails we get from the Barracuda.

Please help! :)


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