Circle changed to oval on printing



When I draw a perfect circle (I checked the size to make sure the width
equals to height), it looks OK on screen, but when I print it (or even on
print preview), it changes to an oval, as if it is squeezed vertically.

The same thing happens when I insert a circle from AutoCAD.

My WORD program does not have this problem.

Please help.



Shane Devenshire


To make a perfect circle in Excel you

1. Click the Oval tool and then click a cell, no dragging
2. Click the Oval tool, hold down the Shift key and drag.

If that is what you are doing then the most likely problem is related to
your print drivers.


As I said, the circle IS perfect because I checked its width and height.

So my question is not about how to make a perfect circle, but why a perfect
circle changes to oval when printing?



Bob I

Because the printer does not maintain the aspect ratio. You must
compensate by creating an oval that when printed becomes a circle.

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