choppy sound / slow 3d gaming in Vista 64 vs XP sp2?



I have tried this on several games. I have the machine DUAL booting both OSs
to test the games like for like. Eg take Star Trek Legacy. In XP, smooth
graphics great sound, in Vista, graphics stutter and sound is choppy and
stuttering / distorted.
This is running on a Nvidia 6600 chipset on PCI-E with 256Mb and a realtek
ac97 both using the 64 bit Vista drivers, the CPU is an AMD 64 3700. I could
even live with the graphics being worse than XP if it wasn't for the sound
being completely RUBBISH on Vista. This happens on all 3D graphics + Audio,
even on FMV intro movies. Is this DirectX related?? NOT impressed. This is
running on Vista Home Premium, what gives huh?



Dale M. White

I'm going to say it's more of a problem with the 64bit edition than anythign
else. I don't have any or nothing noticeable to me sound issues under the 32
bit version. And that's with a Soundblast X-FI and Plantronic Gamecom Pro 1
USB headphones.

I'll have to play with the GF's system, since she's using the realtek AC97
sound. So far, MP3s play fine and she plays the SIMs Life Stories on it and
hasn't had any sound complaints.

Also, you know Nvidia is having some driver issues with Vista right now. So
that probably explains the bad graphics. Though some people are having good
success with the 100.64 drivers. You didn't mention what motherboard you're
running, you said the Nvidia 6600 chipset, but that's actually a video card,
not really a chipset.

Dustin Harper

NVIDIA is having some issues with their drivers, thus the problems with your
graphics. That is in addition to the OpenGL issues people have been having,
as well.

Sometimes, it could be a motherboard driver issue. Have you checked for
updated drivers for the motherboard?



Dave Heron

To get Star Trek legacy in a playable state, I had to lower the graphics
settings to the lowest possible, otherwise the game was too slow and the
sound was stuttery. Hopefully, things will improve when Nvidia get their act

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