chkdsk won't load after recent upgrade to Windows XP Pro from 2000



I recently upgraded a workstation from Windows 2000 Pro to Windows XP Pro. I
got a spontaneous "Blue screen" shortly after the upgrade, and wanted to have
the unit boot off of the CD so that I could do a "chkdsk /r" to help the
situation. The problem is that when I boot off of the CD, it does not come
up with the normal screen that allows me to pick my operating sytem, than
then go to a recovery counsel. Rather, it thinks that the upgarde from
Windows 2000 to XP is still happening.

After several attempts, I just went ahead and let the sytem go through
another upgrade like it wanted to do. I had to reconfigure some things
again, like I did with the first upgrade. However, when I tried to boot from
the CD again, it came up with the same message about wanting to keep

There must be some residual file or command that thinks the upgrade did not
complete, but it did. Other than just wanting to do the "chkdsk /r" for
preventative reasons, the workstation works quite well after the upgrade.

Any thoughts on how to get the workstation to boot off of the Windows CD and
let me go to a recovery counsel, would be most appreciated.


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