CHipped and NonChipped Cartridges



Hi I have been approached by my mom with an iteresting problem.

She has an EPSON Printer, not sure of the model at this time but it is less
than 12 months old. Anyway the cartridges for this printer are nearly 40
Pounds when you buy the EPSON branded cartridges (You should never buy an
epson pronter this is extortion) anway as a reader of many PC Basic
magazines my mom saw an article about Compatibles Cartridges and chose to
buy some. She bought some chipped ones that worked OK, then later she spoke
with a friend that used unchipped cartridges and had no problems. The
unchipped ones are a quarter of the price of the EPSON Chipped ones and the
only difference apparently is that you can't see how much ink is in them
using the Software tool that has a meter to show how much or little of each
colour ink is left in the cartridges. Anyway she has installed the
Non-chipped ones and now the printer is only showwing an error, when we
reinsert the empty chipped one it now also shows error. what can we do ????

The help file said use an XP driver, we originally used the EPSON Driver
from the CD that was for windows XP, would the onboard XP Driver make a
difference ???

Can anyone explain why this is so and how exactly the chipped and unchipped
make a difference ???

Can anyone help here ? we would like to print at the cheapest cost, with my
mom being a pensioner I find it apauling that EPSON sells Ink at such a high
price and my mom should be able to use Generic/Compatibles without these

Any other help for how to make cheaper printing would be much appreciated.



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