Chicony Webcam on P200 vista



I have a Toshiba P200 laptop it came installed with Vista and in the bundle
was an upgrade to Vista Premium
Once it was upgraded my Chicony Webcam wil not work it says open camera but
there is no way you can open it.

It is only because of the upgrade this has happened I even downloaded the
only driver for it on the Toshiba website and it still does not work.

Does anyone know how to uninstall the upgrade so it goes from premium to the
normal vista that was installed on the Laptop originally?

Any other P200 people out there who have had this problem?



Andrew McLaren

policeartist said:
Any other P200 people out there who have had this problem?

Yes, this is a well-known issue for users with Toshiba laptops. If you go
to the Toshiba support website, look for Support Bulletin No 98082243. Note
that you must follow the steps in that document *exactly*, otherwise it
won't work. You may have re-installed the driver wothout following these
exact steps, as described by Toshiba?

The computer's built-in Chicony webcam may stop working after a Microsoft
Anytime Upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate.
When you select Start Camera in the Camera Assistant software you may see
this error message: "Please turn on the Camera".

Re-install the driver for the webcam.

Follow these steps to re-install the driver for the webcam. You will need to
be logged in as an Administrator or have an Administrator password ready.
1. Click the Windows Start button.
2. Click Control Panel, System and Maintenance and then Device Manager.
3. Right-click on Chicony USB 2.0 Camera and select Update Driver Software.
A yellow exclamation point indicates that the camera is recognized by
Windows but is not working properly, probably because of problem with the
device driver
4. Select Browse my computer for the driver software.
5. Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
6. Select USB Video Device from the list, and click Next.
7. If the message "Windows encountered a problem installing the driver
software for your device" appears, click Close.
8. Restart Windows.

The webcam should now work properly.

Hope it helps,


got a toshiba p200 with vista. I can not get the web camera to work
(integral). Any ideas?


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