certificate not recognised


Michael W

I am running window xp sp2, no problems at all.
I have set up internet banking and to access it I enter a username and
password, it then selects a certificate name from C:\Documents and
Data\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\My\Certificates\ and I click OK. Then I am
into my Banking Account, all working OK.

After some time my windows set up get a bit bogged down so I decide to clone
in another known good working set-up, before I do this I copy from
Favourites the web address for the banking and I copy the certificate to
another drive. I the do the clone and copy the two lots of information back
to the new windows set up.

Now when going on the internet banking it accepts the username and password
but will not accept the Certificate,
Have anyone any Idea as to why, after all it is a copy of the original one.


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