CDBoot : Can't Find NTLDR


Chong Jit Kian

Recently I have changed my latop's hardisk from 6GB to
30GB. Therefore I wish to install a fresh copy of Windows
XP Pro to my laptop. Unfortunately when I try to install
the OS using CD-ROM, a massage stated "CDBoot : Can't find
NTLDR" was prompted up. Then I try out an OEM version of
Windows XP Pro Installation CD which is come with my
another desktop. It works fine during installation process
but I can't activate it coz it's an invalid product. My
question is why my laptop can't boot from ordinary CD but
an OEM version of Windows XP Pro. How m I going to solve
it? Thanx



Randy Byrne [MVP]

The XP Pro CD has a problem with it. You should return it to the store for
replacement or contact MS for a replacement. The OEM and retail versions have the
same boot files. Setup and some other bits that are installed become different, but
the boot files are the same.


Randy Byrne
Microsoft MVP - Setup/Deployment
Associate Expert
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It is illegal for computer manufacturers to sell computers
without the Windows media. So they do it anyway. What they
do is give you a partial-media CD that is only good for
driver upgrades.
You should call the computer company or the vendor who
sells the PC and complain that you are owed a full-version
Windows CD to
a) Comply with Microsoft licensing restrictions
b) Allow you to reinstall Windows to your laptop.

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