Can't uninstall or reinstall BCM



I just installed Office Professional 2007. I had never tried BCM but thought
I might give it a try to see if it would inhance any email functions. Some
things did not work as well so I tried to uninstall it. I couldn't. Then I
tried uninstalling everything in the office suite. I re-installed outlook but
was still getting error message about something missing for BCM. I figured I
might as well re-install BCM to see if I might be able to make it work. I
couldn't install it either.
Now EVERY time I open Outlook I have to go through the screens telling me
that a data base is empty. It won't let me create one and I have to cancel a
wizard. I have to go through this 2 times EVERY time I open Outlook. How can
I get rid of everything and then just install Outlook without BCM?


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