Can't schedule meetings in January



I am having the same problem as priedl in an earlier post:

I am trying to schedule a meeting in January and when I invite
attendees, starting with January 1, 2008, it shows "no information"
for their schedule. This happens on various versions of Outlook. I
don't know if this is an Outlook issue or an Exchange Server issue.
Should this be happening?

I configured a Group Policy to set 12 months of published Free/Busy data,
but it did not fix the problem. I verified on several machines that the
policy was applied in Outlook correctly, but there was still no available
info as of January 1. I removed the Group Policy and manually configured my
Outlook to publish 12 months of Free/Busy data, and now everyone can see my
availability past January 1.

So my questions are:

1. Why, if the default is 2 months, is Free/Busy data cut off on January 1?
2. Why would a Group Policy setting not fix the issue when manually
configuring the exact same setting does?

Thanks in advance.



Diane Poremsky

1. because its two months, not 60 days- the two months are this month and
2. there was either an error in the policy or it was not properly applied.

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