Can't open file with compatability pack



I've got an Excel 2007 file I've been working on, and I need users to be able
to open it in 2003 (as not everyone is up to speed with the latest release).
The file must be kept as 2007, as the 2003 file is twice the size and half as
functional. For some reason this file will not open using the compatability
pack in 2003... I've verified the user has the pack installed properly, as
they can open other 2007 files I send...

Why won't this file open...?

It's driving me crazy...

As a little test, I saved the file as *.xls (2003), forwarded it to them,
got them to open it (no problem) save it as *.xlsm (2007) and forward it back
to me... I opened it, saved it as a different file name, forwarded it to
them, they tried to open it, but had no luck... why on earth couldn't they
open the exact same file they created...?

It's just madness...


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