Can't move pst mailitems in Outlook 2003




Problem is some mail items from OL2002 get "Can't move the items" error in
OL2003 when trying to move from a OL2002 pst to a OL2002 pst.

Moving the mailitem from OL2002 pst to OL2003 Inbox works OK
Moving the mailitem from OL2002 pst to OL2003 pst works OK

The problem mailitems also can not be backed up by Veritas DLO Backup agent.

Tests I have done is to delete parts of the bodytext in the failing
mailitems and then moving works OK. It seems that it is a combination of
characters in the body text that somehow generates this error. I found that
deleting different parts in the same mailitem can make it work.

We are about to roll out Office2003 to about 1000 users, so any hands-on
fixes are not very attractive.... maybe a hotfix exists ?

Many thanks


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