Can't Install HP OfficeJet 4500 AIO.\



I have a HP OfficeJet 4500 AIO, and cannot install it. I notice on
some Google searching, that others have had similar problems.
That said, am I barking up a wrong tree here? Does this thing work?

I have downloaded, installed, and installed every driver I can find
for the 4500, but nothing will work.

Actually, what is happening is that the drivers seem to install okay,
but my XP computer won't recognize that the printer is connected.
The printer has wireless capability, or is supposed to. I have tried
installing the thing without wireless (with just USB) hard-wired. I
have tried with no USB but with the printer set up to use its wireless
(the wireless indicator on the printer is set to 'on'. Nothing seems
to enable my desktop to recognize the printer.

So - I am stuck. Has anyone actually got this printer to work? And,
if so, can you pass on to me just how you did it?

Otherwise the state dump will be increased.




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