Can't create an ade/VB author



I update the forms in an adp periodically and republish ades from it when I
do, and sometimes Access prevents me from creating the ade. Experience has
shown me the cause is usually a specific form, and the reason the form is
'hanging' the creation is that I might have inadvertently authored code in it
with a different connection (for example, logged in via network security,
when I had initially authored the adp logged in via SQL Server security). I
now remedy the problem by copying the adp and deleting forms one by one and
trying to create an ade each time, until I hit the form that's causing the
trouble. Once I recreate it, Access can make the ade. Is there some way I can
find the troublemaking form more easily, such as by issuing some sort of
query against the adp to tell me who's authored what forms or controls?


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