Can't Boot to Win XP SP3 after new MB Install!



Hey guys hears the short version of my problem. I finally brought myself
into the 21st Century of computing when I purchased a new Gigabyte Ultra
Durable #3 mod#: MA78GPM-UD2H, an AMD 7750 CPU an 4-gigs of DDR2 Ram.
Installing the board took about 1/2hr. and Powered up the first time. I had
several problems getting to the internet using this new board, but finally
got the problems resolved.

Worked pretty late that night so I shutdown and planned to Boot-up the next
day and do an Image backup of the new board & it's features. This is where
the bad day begins. I attempted the boot and was greeted with the msg:
Unable to complete startup because NTOSKRNL.EXE is either missing or
corrupted! Pleas get th original Win CD and type 'R' when the Start-up
screen appears. I first re-booted using the familiar 'F8' technical and
tried to get to the Recovery Console as I usually do from time to time w/XP
problems. I started the -Recovery Console- and was surprised to not see my
current Win-XP SP3 selection option before entering the password for my os.
(Let me backup a little bit . . . I have three partitions with early
versions of XP which I have yet to destroy on my system. During the startup
process of Recovery console, it use to display these Operating partitions as
1., 2., and 3. I would choose the option that I wanted and entered the
successful password and had access to the OS that I wanted.

I thought for a minuet and got to snooping thru my live laptop and
discovered just how important the missing file NTOSKRNL.EXE was. Another
question arose: Why did the Recovery console only display one of the
partitions (AND NOT THE RIGHT ONE AT THAT) on my machine. I digress . . .

I rebooted with an old MSDOS floppy and got another mild surprise that the
old MSDOS could not access my Newly SATA MB attached DVD!!! Another feature
of the 21st Century . . .

To make a long story even shorter, it looks like I need to gain access to
some DOS utilities that will not only allow me to access my SATA CD under
MSDOS"OS, but also have some tools that can rd/wr NTFS file system under DOS
as well.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated . . .



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