cannot shift objects off sheet - Inserting rows



Excel 2007
I am getting the error "cannot shift objects off sheet" when I try to insert
a row in a spreadsheet. I have read 100's of topics on this and none have
helped. KB211769 does not work as I do not have a properties tab like it
references, nor do I have comments.

I am using the new and much different office 2007 (excel).

I have a workbook that was created in a previous version and gets reused for
each new project. It has 11 sheets that have been customized over time. There
are no comments, but there are merged fields, hidden rows, and plenty of the
other standard stuff used in excel.

If I add a new sheet to this workbook and try to insert a row, doing nothing
else, I get the error.

If I create a brand new spreadsheet, I can insert rows. It would take a lot
of time to recreate the pages I use.

Please! I need help. I was forced to office 2007 when someone stole our


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