"Cannot shift objects off sheet" error when attempting to hide row



I am using Excel 2000 and I wish to hide all the rows and colums that the
user does not require to edit or view. I am usually able to hide all the rows
below my data, or all the colums to the right of my data but not both (I do
this by selecting the first column/row after/below my data, then pressing
shift+ctrl+left/down cursor key to select all the colums/rows in the
worksheet other than my data). I have two sheets in my workbook which I wish
to do this and I can't hide all the rows and colums that wish to in either. I
can either hide all the colums, or all the rows but not both. When I attemp
to I get the error "Cannot shift objects off sheet." This error gives me no
information towards why I can't hide the cells I wish to nor do I see any
reason why I can't.

I have been experimenting in a new workbook to see if they're is a
particular feature I am using that is causing it. I haven't found anything
yet. Does anyone know what might be the cause and help me do what I would
like to do?


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