Cannot Re-Install Win XP Hom



I have a PC that runs Win XP home. It recently started to give a
problem whereby it started to never complete the boot-up process always
rebooting after it reached a certain point.

I decided to reinstall XP from scratch. I have the original XP home CD
(this is pre SP2 of course)

WHen I did that, it gave me a series of messages about loading files
and then boom I get a BSOD.
At the top I get a message saying
"Windows detected a problem and shutting down to prevent damage"
Then there is a lot of guff about disabling caching and shadowing and
so on.

Finally in technical information it says

STOP: 0X0000007E (0XC000005,0X808D5483, 0XF8CF812C, OXF8CF7E2C).

I hadn't installed any new devices or drivers prior to my problems. I
had however installed and uninstalled Norton Antivirus. I thought I
had done a clean uninstall.

I have in addition tried the various combinations of Safe Boot,
SafeBoot with Command Prompt and so on. When I do this it seems to
load a bunch of files, and the screen fills up with messages of the
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(0)mup.sys and whenever it reaches the
mup.sys it waits for a bit and then reboots.

THis is why I thought I'd reinstall Win XP.

ANy help would be highly appreciated,


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