Cannot Ping RRAS PPP Adapter


Kerwin Cabrera

Here is my configuration

x.x.80.x - Win2k RRAS (RAS Adapter)
x.x.70.x - Win2k RRAS (RAS Adapter)
x.x.70.1 - Win2k RRAS
| |
Internet (VPN/PPTP)
| |
x.x.70.x - Win2003 RRAS (RAS Adapter)
x.x.80.x - Win2003 RRAS (RAS Adapter)
x.x.80.1 - Win2003 RRAS (NIC1)
x.x.81.1 - Win2003 RRAS (NIC2)
x.x.82.1 - Win2003 RRAS (NIC3)

I have 2 rras servers. One is win2k sp4 with 2 nics, 1 for the LAN and 1
for the Internet. The other server is Win2003 with 4 nics, 1 for the
Internet, and 3 for the various LAN segments. I have a Demand Dial
Interface that keeps these two servers connected persistently. The demand
dial part works fine and I can browse and ping any system on either network
except the RRAS PPP adapters on each server. I can ping the physical
adapters fine. (ex. I can ping x.x.70.1, x.x.70.2, etc from the x.x.80, 81,
and 82 subnets and vice versa) The problem that happens is that various
agents that sit on the RRAS servers that have to talk to other servers do
not communicate because their default route to the other network is using
the RRAS adapters. I am running OSPF on all the interfaces and no other
network mgmt protocols and there are no filters setup on any of the
interfaces. How can I get these two PPP interfaces to ping?

If you need further clarification, please let me know. Any assistance is
greatly appreciated.


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