Cannot open or save docx



I use Word 2000 on Windows XP Professional.
About 6 months ago I installed the Compatibility Pack for the Office 2007
Until now, I have had no problems opening the Word 2007 documents that
people would occasionally send me. Today, I tried to open a Word 2007
document, and I got the message "There was an error opening the file." I then
tried to open the Word 2007 documents that I had previously been able to
open. I got the same error message on those documents. I tried to save a new
document in Word 2007 format, and I got the same error message.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the Compatibility Pack. No difference.
I went to Microsoft Update and installed all updates. No difference.
I have no antivirus software installed. I ran OneCare Safety Scanner, and it
found no problems.
Can anyone help me?


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